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About RQM


After surveying over 20 different companies about their quality management needs, we realized that our expertise and background would be useful to companies struggling with their QM. Bringing over 22 years of quality engineering experience to quality management consulting, Reitter Quality Management (RQM) was started in October 2008.

Our experience includes over 10 years as Director of Operations at Stealth Microwave, Inc. based in Trenton, NJ. During that tenure, Stealth blossomed from a start-up company to a corporation with $20 million manufacturing capability.

RQM is dedicated to providing superior solutions for managing manufacturing processing and guiding your company to become world class. Using the RQM 4-Step approach, we developed internal programs designed to reduce dependency on outside resources.

We have obtained numerous certifications to support our QM background. Realizing that companies need that added assurance, we are fully insured in order to give you that peace of mind.

When your company is ready to move to the next level, think of RQM for all your quality management needs.