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Lean Manufacturing

Simply put, Lean Manufacturing is a systematic method of waste identification and elimination in order to improve the delivery of products and services to the customers. A significant part of the "Lean Philosophy" is the merging of product development, manufacturing, human resources, and customer support within a company. To achieve a Lean Manufacturing system, the key principles along with waste minimization are:
  • Achievement of first-time "perfect" quality products and services by identifying and solving problems at their root cause, increasing quality and productivity simultaneously, improving teamwork, and enpowering your employees
  • Continual improvement by creating a dynamic (not static) system for product development with reduced wait periods for customers and two-way communications with employees
  • Flexibility with product/service development without loss of efficiency
  • Establishment of long-term relationships between the primary producers and suppliers

RQM recognizes that Lean Manufacturing is about making accurate deliveries at the right time while reducing waste and being flexible to change. Using our knowledge and experience, RQM is ready to help your company face this difficult task.


  • Any business that is looking to optimize the flow of products and services while minimizing waste

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